The business is: With our small, locally owned business, Paws Hoofs Claws, we come to your home or farm, and we provided basic care and exercise when you are away from your home/farm for: a day, a weekend, and a week or longer. The business works every day of the year, including all of the holidays.

From our home base of Fertile, Minnesota, Paws Hoofs Claws visits companion animals and farm animals to provide a drop in service with visits of mostly 1 to 4 visits for each day of 30 minutes, an hour or more. Our care providers come to your home or farm, so the animals stay at home in a familiar, peaceful, and comfortable place. With our business, we do not take your animals from you.

The service area of Paws Hoofs Claws is: Fertile (home hub), Crookston/Fisher (west hub), Thief River Falls/Newfolden (north hub), Bemidji (east hub), Twin Valley (south hub). Like postal workers, we’ll come in nice or horrible weather on smooth or nasty roads with a 4X Silverado and a Honda Civic to help. We’ll work in the surrounding areas from each hub.  If you are outside of this main service area, you can definitely discuss your situation with Paws Hoofs Claws to determine the possibility of service to you. Sometimes, if the providers have room in their schedules, we could drive and work outside the service area with plenty of help with gas.

With companion animals, we visit your home to provide basic care and exercise when you need assistance during your work day, your weekend away, your vacation, your family events, your health concerns, or other people’s health situations. Paws Hoofs Claws will be available to help with your smaller animals.

With farm animals, Paws Hoofs Claws can handle your chores for any farm animal with a training with specific instruction for each kind of animal. The owner of the business grew up with a cat, a dog, and a horse, Suzie. Some of the most grateful clients are farm clients because most farmers don’t usually get to attend family events, like weddings or funerals. For regular and exotic farm animals, the business and its workers will look forward to the fun and the challenge of its new clients. Paws Hoofs Claws can help the farmers with: daily animal chores, seasonal help, like calving, and related animal chores, like haying.

Paws Hoofs Claws will complete the daily record for each visit and will provide a texted photo of the animals to the clients for each visit.

During our orientation/training, we’ll complete and discuss the paperwork: Work Order, Contract, Daily Record, and Receipt. The owner of the animals and the owner of the business will discuss the work order and the price of the visits.  The complexity of the visits plays a role in the price of services plus the location of the work. Since the start of the business, each client has been a repeat client, which attests to our excellent service quality and reasonable pricing.

The business is not: With Paws Hoofs Claws, we’re visitors for companion animals and farm animals, so we aren’t a sitter who stays all day and all night. With the small and large animal clients, we will visit 1 to 4 times in one day.

The business is also not a veterinarian, a kennel, a boarder, a groomer, a farrier, a doggie daycare, or a doggie resort. We’re a small, locally owned business, not a national chain. The owner and operator of Paws Hoofs Claws is a small town girl from Newfolden, MN so the business serves NW Minnesota from a home base of Fertile, MN.  We bring the service to cities, small towns, and rural areas.

For more information about the business Paws Hoofs Claws, and to schedule the free on-site orientation/training, please call or text the owner and operator, Karen A. Busch, at 218-464-2154.  Thank you for your time and interest!


We appreciate you taking care of the boys.  Hopefully Oliver wasn’t too sassy, and Humphrey wasn’t too sad.  It makes time away nice, knowing the kitties are in good hands.  Thank so much especially for the daily photo updates.

Oliver & Humphrey

Cats from Bagley

Thank you so much for your help.   She’s getting quite spoiled.  Thank you for taking such good care of her.  She looks tired – that’s good.  Cute!  We appreciate that you are so good to her.  Thank you so much.


Dog from Thief River Falls

Looks like they all enjoyed themselves.  Thank you!  Nice to know I don’t’ need to worry about them.  They look great.  Thanks for getting them out for a walk.  I’m so thankful that you take care of the dogs and the horses.  In the past, I had to hire 2 people, not 1.

Wyatt, and Kit (Dogs), Abby, and Star (Horses), and two Outside Cats

From Mahnomen

Ha-ha it takes a lot to tire Ruby out.  You must have worked her hard.  Sounds like she is glad to see you.  We are on nor way back.  I can’t tell you what great peace of mind it has been to know they were so well cared for.  It’s great to know I can count on someone for this especially now they know you and will look forward to seeing you again too.

Ruby and Jade

Dogs from Fertile

Great!  They like to lounge in the living room.  The kids look pretty relaxed.  Is that before or after their walk?  We really appreciate having you stop in to take care of our critters.  Thank you.

Dexter and Sofie (Dogs), and Soleil (cat)

From Clearbrook

I wish I would have seen your ad on KROX last week.   We had to take our dog with us to St Cloud for the weekend.   She did great, but she had to deal with 3 other dogs at our son's house.  She don't like other animals.   It would have been much better for her if she could have stayed home.   I will definitely keep your info for future use. 

Teresa G.